Pretty Thoughts

from by Pansy Boys



Used the hole in your backyard,
the sea salt and chemicals to wipe off my makeup.
Fall asleep on your bare chest.
Dream of driving off with Rivera and Ziggy Stardust.

Sitting on the silver moon
I reached up for the red balloon
Somewhere over Paris,
with my friends out on the terrace.
Dorothy says she has to go,
She fades and so the stones we throw.
Pay It No Mind, really
Lawman beating off her pretty.

It was just a dream,
But ain't it pretty to think so?
But It was just a dream....

You roll over and tell me,
I sing too many showtunes and sad songs for one man.
So I steam my best suit,
And run, and run, and run
to a planet made of my own hands.

Sitting by the foil sea,
I sing as Edie turns to me.
"Baby, wear your flowers even as the father scowls..."
Swimming with my friends all day
though empty pools will come what may.
Painting on a shadow
for I've misplaced my bravado.

it was just a dream..
But ain't it pretty to think so?
But It was just a dream...

And as I wake,
I think to myself..
'Ain't it nice we wanna smell like flowers?'
But for some reason I can't be as a rose
in a garden of men... I've lost my power.

it was just a dream
But ain't it pretty to think so?
It was just a dream,
and I was pretty.
It was just a dream...
Oh pity!


from In Days of Yore, released May 11, 2017



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Pansy Boys Montreal, Québec

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